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Vapor Recovery Solutions Built to Your Specifications.


Platinum boasts a premier engineering team experienced at designing, developing and operating solutions for vapor and natural gas recovery as well as emissions control. With a wealth of expertise, we excel in conceptualizing, refining and implementing top-tier VRUs that set industry benchmarks for efficiency and performance.


Leveraging our insights, we stand ready to make your project a success, ensuring optimal performance and environmental compliance.


Our core competency in Facilities Optimization sets us apart. We work with operators of all sizes, ranging from companies having only a handful of wells to supermajors.

Benefits of Platinum Custom Engineering Services:

With Platinum, your project is more than a mere blueprint; it's a customized journey to achieving the efficiency, performance and environmental compliance your operations require. The benefits of choosing Platinum for your custom engineering project include:


  • Units built to your specifications and performance requirements.

  • Leverage the knowledge and expertise of a proven team.

  • Proven design expertise and fabrication quality for reliability and high uptime.

  • Avoid common design flaws and inefficiencies.

  • One-stop shop for design, consulting, code vessels, components, fabrication, quality control, automation, startup, operation, service and maintenance.


Custom Engineering Capabilities


Drawing upon firsthand experience, our comprehensive Engineering group specializes in multi-component skid solutions for vapor and gas recovery. We provide a diverse array of capabilities fully dedicated to your project, including:


  • Advisory on components and design.

  • Expertise with both rotary screw and reciprocating compressor designs.

  • Ability to source and integrate upstream vessels, including heat exchangers, liquid separators, vapor coolers, scrubbers, boosters and more.

  • Existing relationships with original equipment manufacturers of components, instrumentation, and automation technology, making sourcing and problem solving fast and simple.

  • Existing relationships with code vessel shops for effective sourcing and meeting deadlines.

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Learn how we can help you develop a built-to-specification vapor recovery solution for achieving compliance, environmental performance goals and harnessing the full potential of your well site.

We would be happy to help!

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