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Permian Basin VRU Leasing


Platinum’s Flexible Fleet™ lease program gives you the operational flexibility you need to get the job done without undue administrative hassle.


THE PROBLEM: As production naturally declines, so do the volumes of tank vapor and flash gas. To align operating costs (Lease Operating Expense, or LOE) better with production volume, it makes sense to replace the original unit with a smaller one.


Traditional VRU lease agreements typically contain burdensome paperwork requirements, including transfer forms that must be completed as units are moved from one location to another. Completing the forms and keeping track of them takes extra time that most of us do not have to spare.


As a result, it is an all too often occurrence that transfer forms are not completed on time, if at all, or get lost.


THE FLEXIBLE FLEET SOLUTON: Our Flexible Fleet leasing program allows you to move any leased Platinum VRU from one location to another without filling out a transfer form or performing other burdensome paperwork.

Benefits of Flexible Fleet Leasing:

  • Eliminates burdensome paperwork and administrative tasks

  • Move Platinum VRUs from one location to another, as needed, without approvals or notifications to the Lessor

  • Right-size VRU capacity to current production levels

  • Conserves precious capital resources

  • Can reduce your overall cost of capital  


Our Flexible Fleet lease program is just another way we strive to exceed your expectations.


Contact us today to learn more about how Flexible Fleet leasing can help you work smarter and achieve your business goals.


Right-sized for Changing Production Volumes



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