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Platinum Control Delivers First 300 HP Vapor Recovery Units (VRUs) to Major Permian Basin Operator

The U.S. subsidiary of an oil and gas supermajor with significant operations in the Permian Basin recently awarded Platinum Control a contract to design a Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) built to the operator’s specifications, develop an efficient fabrication process, deliver and commission the units.

The Problem

The operator’s engineering and operations staff determined that continued development of its Permian Basin assets required greater vapor recovery capacity to capture a forecasted increase in flash gas and tank vapor volumes commensurate with an expected rise in production levels. The operator determined that an off-the-shelf VRU solution would not meet its operational criteria and timing was an issue, so it approached Platinum Control for help.

The Solution

Platinum collaborated extensively with the customer’s engineers and operations personnel to develop an efficient process for manufacturing a VRU to the operator’s specifications. The design called for a 300-horsepower rating, the largest VRU developed by Platinum to date, so that each unit can move up to 2.0 MMSCFD of gas.

Lead time was a problem with current suppliers. Platinum was able to develop an efficient fabrication process and allocate the materials, people and resources required to meet the operator’s schedule.

Platinum was contracted to build, deliver and commission an initial five VRUs, with the potential for 15+ more throughout the remainder of 2023. The first five have been deployed to large compressor stations serving the operator’s Permian Basin operations.

“We are very excited about these 300-horsepower VRUs,” said Jack Samis, co-CEO of Platinum Control. “This project required ongoing, significant collaboration between our team and theirs. Due to the expedited and complicated nature of this custom project, both teams agreed to come together twice weekly in order to evaluate and optimize the design of the project. I could not be more proud of how our people stepped up at every turn to deliver for the customer. That is what the Platinum Way is all about.”

The Platinum Advantage

Our core competency in Facilities Optimization sets us apart. We work with operators in the Permian Basin of all sizes, from companies having only a handful of wells to supermajors. As a result, we leverage the experience gained with larger operators, build best practices into our products and services, and then disseminate that knowledge to our smaller customers.

A well site or facility with an optimized configuration will help you harness its full potential, maximizing its long-term economic value and environmental performance.

Contact us today at to learn how we can help you develop a built-to-specification vapor recovery solution for achieving compliance, environmental performance goals and harnessing the full potential of your well site.

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