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Our team has experience working on all brands of VRUs and BMSs, not just Platinum units. So, a service call does not automatically turn into a sales call.


Our mission is to exceed your expectations, you can have peace of mind that your service request was handled to the highest standards.

Platinum will be on your site within 24 hours of receiving notification that service is required, or labor for the call is free.

It's that simple. We do everything in our power to get your equipment up and running at full capacity as soon as possible. But if for any reason we fall short of our quick response standards, well that's on us. We will take on the labor costs associated with that service call ourselves. We believe that's just the right thing to do.

Local Boots on the Ground

Platinum has local boots on the ground to handle your service needs from scheduled installations to emergency callouts.

Permian Basin

Our technical teams are strategically located at our field offices in Midland, TX and Carlsbad, NM.

Full Transparency

After a service request has been completed, you will have immediate access to the work order ticket detailing their GPS location, services performed, pictures captured and estimated costs.

24/7 Support 1-877-374-1115 

Get Boots on the Ground

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