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How to Create Custom Reports with PULSE Remote VRU Monitoring

Back in August, 2023 we launched PULSE Remote Monitoring for VRUs on our entire fleet of VRUs. While we have received great feedback on this new functionality, there is one particular aspect of the software that garners a good amount of questions.

"Can I create custom reports for help in monitoring specific data sets for VRUs within our operational network?"

The short answer is, YES. PULSE is able to create a full regimen of custom reports for individuals or team use. (Watch Video Below)

At Platinum, we recognize that how we deliver is as important as what we deliver. The Platinum Way is our creed and way of doing business and PULSE Remote Monitoring is no exception. We understand that learning new applications and functionality can be a challenge but we've designed PULSE to be user friendly and we encourage you to watch this short video on custom report creation before you reach out for support. If you are still having trouble creating the reports you desire after watching the video, please contact us using your normal channels and we would be happy to work with you to help create the reports you desire.



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