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Monitor Your VRU Fleet Field Wide with PULSE

With PULSE Remote VRU Monitoring, you can be on "virtually" every well site at the same time. 

We recently hosted an educational and informational webinar to introduce our PULSE™ remote monitoring capability for optimizing performance of its class-leading Vapor Recovery Units (VRUs). 

Maximizing your productivity is a critical factor for ensuring your VRU fleet is running efficiently. The PULSE system makes it easy to keep track of all your VRUs field-wide, delivering these and other benefits: 

  • Optimize allocation of limited time and resources to the highest priorities.

  • Maximize uptime and production rates. 

  • Reduce maintenance and repair costs. 

  • Increase revenue by converting a waste stream into revenue. 

  • Reduce emissions. 

PULSE tracks over 40 critical VRU performance data points in real time. The system graphically displays and illustrates trends, making it easy to spot an inefficiently operating unit, diagnose the issue and guide operators to a solution. 

PULSE VRU Fleet Monitoring

SEE IT IN ACTION: VRU Fleet Status Video

A well-tuned VRU helps you Harness the Full Potential of Your Well Site, leading to cost-effective environmental performance and high uptime. 

About PULSE VRU Fleet Monitoring

Platinum has teamed up with industry leaders Emerson and Vinson Process Controls to bring PULSE remote monitoring solution to the market. 

PULSE is a cloud-based solution that provides near real-time data on critical Platinum VRU performance metrics right on your desktop or mobile device, anywhere where you have an Internet connection. PULSE allows you to monitor individual VRU performance, status and fleet uptime using durable and accurate sensors that feed information directly to your SCADA system.

PULSE VRU Fleet Alerts

PULSE helps evidence proven runtime, continuous compliance and transforms service from a reactive posture to a proactive one.  

This innovative capability comes at a time when oil and gas operators are turning to technology to help establish a competitive advantage by boosting productivity and efficiency while simultaneously minimizing well site emissions. 

About Platinum Control

Platinum Control provides class-leading Vapor Recovery Units (VRUs), Burner Management Systems, and a suite of oilfield services and professional services to the oil and gas industry. Our mission is to help oil and gas operators harness the full potential of their well sites with high-performance products, reliable and expert services, all delivered via The Platinum Way.

Platinum VRUs punch above their power ratings, designed to move 30% more gas volume for the same horsepower as competing units, saving cost over the life of the well. With Platinum, you can reduce well site emissions and generate higher incremental profits than you can with competing alternatives.

Combined with our Burner Management Systems, Performance Audits, Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR), AVO inspections, VRU repair and refurbishment and other critical oilfield services, Platinum is positioned as a long-term partner for leading oil and gas operators. 

We recognize that how we deliver is as important as what we deliver. The Platinum Way is our creed and way of doing business and aligns us with the interests of our customers. We are unabashedly pro-oil and gas because of the good our industry does to provide reliable and affordable energy to power our modern way of life and provide good jobs for hard working people.   


Chance Lauer VP Sales & Service

Phone: 800-994-0579


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