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November 2022 - Elidia Najera and John Brock


About Elidia:

Elidia Najera has been at Platinum 7 months and she is a big part of the company. She has a son named Ace who is 8 years old, she enjoys working out and going to concerts with her boyfriend. Elidia comes with a background of Accounts Receivable. One of her coworkers stated, "She's taken over VRU set emails recently. She helps the AR department getting or clarifying details on situations having to relate to work orders, helps find out approvers and fulfilling install sales orders, verifying materials used and reconciling that information to make easier invoicing for us, she keeps up to date with our install tracker. She is willing to help us with details relating to VRU leases. I think she's really growing and stepping up and getting better and more efficient at her job every day and I appreciate having her in Midland to litigate some of AR's questions and making invoicing flow better on our end."

Thank you Elidia for all your hard work and dedication, we appreciate you.

About John:

John Brock has been with Platinum 7 months as well, he comes with 10 years of Oil Field experience. John is married and has 4 children, 3 girls and a son. During his time off he enjoys working on cars and loves to fish and hunt, unfortunately he does not always have time to go hunting but he hopes to find sometime soon. John stated he loves what he does and loves working at Platinum. One of his coworkers stated, "He has demonstrated a good work ethic and quick adaptability to the team." Another said, "John is always up for a challenge and is always offering help wherever he can."

We thank you John for being a great team player and working hard out in the field, we appreciate everything you do.


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