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August 2022 - Sheldon Rippe


About Sheldon:

Sheldon has been with Platinum for 5 years, he began his career as a Field Technician and recently he was promoted to Assistant Warehouse Manager.

Per our COO-Melissa, "He stepped up to the challenge and is excelling." She also said, "I’ve also seen him encourage other team members when they are doing well, such as the wiring crew, and coach others

when they need improvement, such as not following warehouse protocol. This is the prime

example of who we are and what we believe in."

Sheldon has been married 2 years to Carolina and has an 18 month old daughter named

Cecilia. He loves music but he really enjoys listening to Turbo on XM radio, some may say

he's a head banger for rock music! Sheldon loves to spend time with his dad and takes

family time very serious.

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