Safety and compliance are as mission-critical as your wellhead, so automating processes to help manage risk and ensure production uptime is just smart business. Platinum Control can help you get there.

Platinum Control’s Burner Management Systems (BMS) provide automated remote burner management, ignition and temperature controls. The systems enable you to record essential data and safely automate heating processes, decreasing injury risk, maximizing well production and facilitating environmental compliance.

Platinum believes in consistently doing the right thing for both our external clients and our internal people, we are able to offer a reliable product with the best service and pricing available in the marketplace.  Through lean business protocols and process excellence, we do the heavy lifting required to keep costs down and quality up.  At the same time, we make sure to have local boots on the ground and product in your backyard.


We succeed. No Excuses.
We strive to exceed our clients' expectations.
We provide our clients with excellent experiences.
We solve our client’s problems, even if they are not directly our problems.
We obsess about service.
We don’t assume, we listen.
We always operate with integrity.
We are not always right. We admit it when we are wrong and act to solve the problem as quickly as possible.
Success is never a solitary venture.

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