At Platinum, we keep boots on the ground, we keep products and components stocked, and we guarantee everything that we do. 

Our equipment is designed and rigorously tested to handle whatever is thrown its way. When it comes to building and maintaining products that keep your facilities operational and compliant, we refuse to take shortcuts.

If there's a problem we solve it. Even if it's not our problem. We're passionate about finding solutions.


We insist on bringing in the right people. Our technicians are adept at working on all types of equipment, so they're prepared - no matter what challenges the job presents.


Our team of experts has seen it all. We've witnessed how quickly things can go wrong without proper monitoring and servicing. We know there's no time to sit back and take things slow. And because your production never rests, neither do we.



We know that timing is everything in this business. When something needs servicing, every day the issue goes unresolved means reduced productivity and lost revenue. With that in mind, we make and stand behind this guarantee to all of our clients: 

Platinum will be on your site within 24 hours of receiving notification that service is required

or labor for the service call is free. 

It's that simple. We do everything in our power to get your equipment up and running at full capacity as soon as possible. But if for any reason we fall short of our quick response standards, well that's on us. We will take on the labor costs associated with that service call ourselves. We believe that's just the right thing to do.