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September 2021 - Josh Redmer


About Josh:

Josh was hired back in April of 2021, and at the time was very new to not only the compression industry, but also the service side of the O&G industry. Every single day since that time, Josh has shown up to work eager to learn and with a smile on his face. Even when Josh has had setbacks in the field, he has approached it as an opportunity to learn and to better himself. While Josh might not yet be as experienced as some of his colleagues, his attitude is exactly what Platinum is all about, and will undoubtedly lead to continued success throughout his career.

Josh's Likes:

Favorite Song: "Too good to not believe" Cody Carnes and Brandon Lake

Favorite Movie: Any Marvel Movies - Avengers Infinity War is favorite

Favorite Food: Pizza

Hobbies: Video game - Destiny 2


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