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June 2021 - Brian Phetteplace


About Brian:

Brian joined the Platinum family in November of 2018 as a Field Service Technician for our Midland territory. Recently, Brian was promoted to Service Manager due to his unwavering commitment to our team and clients.

Nomination Remarks:

  • While Brian has always been dedicated in his role at Platinum, he stood out in an extraordinary way this month. First, he suggested on his own to move to a commission structure which would reward EVERY member of the team for every sale. He even requested that his current commission from the project be included in this proposal, essentially giving away two thirds of his commissions to Shawn and George. Then, he got two VRUs out. After Sheldon worked a 15-hour day troubleshooting one of the VRUs, Brian offered his commission to Sheldon. First, it was great to see the generosity. More importantly, it’s amazing to see his awareness as to how this could affect the entire team’s mentality and allow the company to be more successful. Hands down, the proudest I’ve ever been of Brian.

  • Brian has, for a while now, been asking for more responsibility in the PCT service department, and has recently taken a much more noticeable leadership approach not only with Shawn and George, but also when it comes to helping out the Vapor technicians, helping Rob get settled in, and generally being an incredibly valuable member of our team. Additionally, Brian recently decided to give some of his personal commissions (for both PCT and PVC sales/leases) to his colleagues in order to recognize the hard work that they had put towards those individual projects. To my knowledge, this is the first time a commission has been donated to another employee, and goes a long way to help build the team environment that Platinum is working towards every day.

  • No matter how many times I call Brian with a question or problem he is always eager to help solve the problem every time! Whether he is outside working on an install, in his car, in the office or at home, he stops what he is doing to ensure he hears the issue & gives me what I need for the customer. Most questions are surrounding customer orders and inventory items, so I appreciate that he is very knowledgeable about Platinum parts, our products and how they all work together with customer applications. I truly appreciate his willingness to please the customer and glad he is on the Platinum team!

  • Through excellent customer service and top-notch technical skills, Brian secured a large flare retrofit project and two VRU Leases for a new client. The primary focus of the technician’s role is to prevent the customer from experiencing any pain points from Platinum’s equipment. Brian exceeds this expectation with our client, which is displayed in his ability to secure additional revenue opportunities for Platinum. Brian is also working to develop the service department into a cohesive team that functions as one group. This is evident in his request to share his commissions with the team members that are helping him to execute the business that he secured. These behaviors exude the Platinum Way.

  • Brian is always very helpful and willing to answer any questions I have on electrical questions. He has also been willing to help out when we have been wiring units in the shop.

Brian's Hobbies:

Working out and Jiu Jitsu


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