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Melissa Esparza and Jack Samis Promoted to co-CEO, Positioning Platinum Control for Continued Growth

  • Melissa Esparza has been COO of Platinum since 2010, effectively managing all functional departments and creating the foundation for the next step in growth

  • Jack Samis has been VP Operations since 2020 and has been a key player in building Platinum’s manufacturing capacity, product design, and service capabilities

  • Demand for Platinum Control vapor recovery and burner management products is growing

FORT WORTH & MIDLAND, TEXAS, January 25, 2023 – In an effort to strategically support the continued growth and development of class-leading Vapor Recovery Units and burner management systems, Platinum Control, (“Platinum” or the “Company”) announced it has promoted Melissa Esparza and Jack Samis to serve alongside each other as co-CEO effective January 1, 2023.

Esparza will have primary responsibility for Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Safety, Supply Chain, Customer Service, and Technology. As one of Platinum’s earliest employees, she rose quickly through the ranks to assume increasingly greater levels of responsibility. Importantly, Esparza has led the initiative to create and maintain The Platinum Way, the company’s guiding principles that form the foundation of the Company’s culture. She received her B.S. in Business Administration and Operations as well as an MBA, both from Western Governors University.

Jack Samis will have primary responsibility for Service, Fabrication and Production, Quality, Engineering, Marketing, and Business Development. Samis joined Platinum nearly three years ago as Vice President, Operations. Prior to that he worked at Anadarko Petroleum Corporation and Huntington Energy. He received his B.S. Geology from Texas Christian University, an MBA from Western Governors University and Master of Science, Geology from Colorado School of Mines.

Jim Samis, Platinum’s founder, will continue serving the Company in the role of Chairman, providing ongoing strategic guidance and support. “I am excited about Melissa and Jack stepping into their new roles,” said Jim Samis. “They have proven to be a highly effective team over the past three years. Together, they have built an organization of talented and committed people that are fulfilling the Platinum Way. Promoting Melissa and Jack to the co-CEO position is an acknowledgement of their skill and performance as well as the contributions of the entire Platinum team. Quite simply, Melissa and Jack have built the team that has created our success and they are the leaders we need to expand.”

The co-CEO roles will enable Platinum to be more agile, make decisions quicker, and provide better support to both employees and customers. Esparza and Jack Samis will collaborate on developing and executing the Company’s growth strategy.

Melissa Esparza said, “I am thrilled to be working alongside Jack as an equal. We have worked side-by-side for several years and the co-CEO role leverages our individual strengths in a way that gives senior management attention to every functional department. I cannot think of a better way to help the company meet growing demand and deliver the kind of customer experience that has helped us build our reputation. At the heart of our success is the Platinum Way, which fosters innovation, service, personal achievement, and teamwork. We are both committed to maintaining and strengthening our corporate culture as we grow.”

Jack Samis commented, “I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to lead Platinum alongside Melissa. For years now I have been fortunate to call her my friend, mentor, and greatest supporter. Melissa continuously sets the example for operational excellence, and I am committed to helping her uphold those standards as Platinum grows. I’m also thankful for all my amazing colleagues at Platinum who have been critical to our success by living the Platinum Way each and every day.”

About Platinum Control

Platinum Control provides class-leading Vapor Recovery Units (VRUs), Burner Management Systems, and a suite of oilfield services and professional services to the oil and gas industry. Our mission is to help oil and gas operators harness the full potential of their well sites with high-performance products, reliable and expert services, all delivered via The Platinum Way.

Platinum VRUs punch above their power ratings, designed to move 30% more gas volume for the same horsepower as competing units, saving cost over the life of the well. With Platinum, you can reduce well site emissions and generate higher incremental profits than you can with competing alternatives.

Combined with our Burner Management Systems, Performance Audits, Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR), AVO inspections, VRU repair and refurbishment and other critical oilfield services, Platinum is positioned as a long-term partner for leading oil and gas operators.

We recognize that how we deliver is as important as what we deliver. The Platinum Way is our creed and way of doing business and aligns us with the interests of our customers. We are unabashedly pro-oil and gas because of the good our industry does to provide reliable and affordable energy to power our modern way of life and provide good jobs for hard working people.


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