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About Anissa:

Anissa joined Platinum in June of 2019 as our Fort Worth Administration Assistant. It was clear that she would not stay in that role very long. In September of 2020, Anissa was promoted to the AR Department as a clerk.

Nomination Remarks:

Anissa has the overwhelming task of completing 100s of invoices in a timely manner! The invoices can vary drastically from very simple to very complicated! She has to be alert constantly between a service PM, service work, service call, parts order, lease invoice and any other invoice that comes at her. She then must get the invoices disbursed according to customer’s requirements: field signatures, uploads, emails or mailed. In addition to the vast invoicing, Anissa prepares payroll, backs up the receptionist & fills in where needed! Regardless of the tremendous amount of work on her plate she always has a “can do” attitude, a willingness to learn more & pitches in where needed! I appreciate her professionalism & well-mannered communication with the customer, and the respect she displays to all in the workplace! Great team player!

Anissa's Favorite Things:

- Her furbaby Max

- Her village of friends and family

- Her Jeep Wrangler

- Iced coffees

- Board/card games


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