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Happy 10 Yr Anniversary - Debra Jackson!

About Debra

Debra began her Platinum journey 10 years ago in the Accounting Department. Coming from an accounting background, with a degree from Texas Christian University, it was easy for Debra to quickly become a huge asset to the team. Many promotions and advancements have landed her in the Senior Accountant role with Platinum.

Recently, Debra successfully completed her CPA exams after spending countless hours taking classes and studying. This is a massive accomplishment and an incredible asset to our team.

With a consistent professional and positive demeanor, Debra acts as our team's accounting guru answering any question thrown her way. She is always looking for ways to better assist our team with obtaining our goals. Please join me in thanking Debra for her hard work and dedication.

Mel's Fun Facts About Debra...

  • You can't buy her anything, she is super tough to shop for

  • She loves her family and enjoys hosting themed parties for her kids' birthdays - they are impressive!

  • She loves to dance

  • She loves music but don't ask her about the artist or title ...

Debra's Likes...

Grooves to:

  • R&B, Christian Music


  • Spending time with the fam


  • Oprah Winfrey


  • Seafood and all things Italian


  • Soooo many to have to choose one, but…our Christmas parties are the best!!!!


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