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April 2022 - John Ingram


About John:

John joined our team in October of 2021 and has been nothing less than great. He was a big help in putting the employee appreciation day together in Carlsbad. He's always willing to help with whatever is needed. When it comes to a job description for John, we can say unknown because he does it all with an emphasis on customer service even with his co-workers.

John is all about business but he also enjoys spending family time. He has a 14-year-old daughter that keeps him on his toes and thinks her dad is no longer cool. During his spare time on Friday nights, he leads a church program, and Saturdays he enjoys going to the racetrack with his daughter to watch Spock Car racing. For those that do not know what that is, it’s like Nascar but on dirt. When he is not working at Platinum, leading a church program, or going to the race, he is being a cool dad and working on a Spock car for his daughter! They hope to be done with it by next year so that she can join the races.



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