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2022 Employee Appreciation Day

Carlsbad, NM

About our Event:

From an idea, to a reality, our first annual Employee Appreciation Day was a complete success. It started with our team coming together, making a plan and executing it. The Carlsbad team did an amazing job securing the perfect piece of the park at the beach. We had ample room for our “Platinum Circus Tent”, two volleyball courts, a bouncy house for the kids (and Josh 😊), and we even had Cornhole set up. Big thanks to Joe Benavidez, for once again cooking breakfast on the disco. The best part of this event was definitely the “Family Atmosphere.” It is always a pleasure when we are able to bring our home family and work-family together and get to know each other. Every single person that we have been in contact with has had nothing but good things to say, and how much they appreciate Platinum for actually caring. This coming not only from our own employees, but spouses, friends, and people that were just driving by who stopped and asked what was going on. We even had some local Police take time on their break and joined in playing basketball with some of our teens. A big round of applause for Tim, Jack, Joe, and John, for taking the time to set up and make arrangements for this truly Honorable Event!


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