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2021 Employee of the Year - Brian Phetteplace


About Brian:

Every Month we like to recognize employees who has gone over and beyond in their daily duties. Employees do this by taking action and performing their duties the Platinum Way. Their co-workers and management recognize the hard work that they contribute and nominates them for the Employee of the Month. For most of our employees, these habits and behaviors come naturally, so it’s no wonder that some of them are nominated multiple times throughout the year for doing an exceptional job.

At the end of the year, we like to review the submissions and recognize one employee as Employee of the Year. This year we would like to recognize and award Mr. Brian Phetteplace as Employee of the Year for 2021.

During the nomination and selection process we don’t really share the testimonies submitted each month but because this is such a great accomplishment, we want to share some of the Testimonials that we’ve received that helped us to recognize Brian as Employee of the Year:

“Brian is always answering troubleshooting phone calls, dealing with individuals to help figure out schedules and plans for upcoming projects. Even after hours he spends plenty of time assisting customers. He is always the first one to location, never complains and is always self-motivated.”


“Brian is always very helpful and willing to answer any questions I have on electrical questions. He has also been willing to help out when we have been wiring units in the shop.”


“Through excellent customer service and top-notch technical skills, Brian secured a large flare retrofit project and two VRU Leases for a new client. The primary focus of the technician’s role is to prevent the customer from experiencing any pain points from Platinum’s equipment. Brian exceeds this expectation with our client, which is displayed in his ability to secure additional revenue opportunities for Platinum. Brian is also working to develop the service department into a cohesive team that functions as one group. This is evident in his request to share his commissions with the team members that are helping him to execute the business that he secured. These behaviors exude the Platinum Way.”


“No matter how many times I call Brian with a question or problem he is always eager to help solve the problem every time! Whether he is outside working on an install, in his car, in the office or at home, he stops what he is doing to ensure he hears the issue & gives me what I need for the customer. Most questions are surrounding customer orders and inventory items, so I appreciate that he is very knowledgeable about Platinum parts, our products and how they all work together with customer applications. I truly appreciate his willingness to please the customer and glad he is on the Platinum team!”


“Brian continues to impress. I feel like I could nominate him every month. His willingness to take on new responsibility, his attention to detail, and most of all, his customer service are all exceptional. All our customers enjoy working with him and mention their satisfaction to me personally. We had a ClayShoot this month with multiple clients present with us. A few of the men that I had never met mentioned Brian without me even asking and made sure they knew how much they appreciated him.”



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