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How a Burner Management System Works (BMS)

The Burner Management System monitors for the presence of a pilot flame through an igniter rod that feeds a signal back to a processor to determine a safe sequence of events based on the signal. In the absence of a flame, the BMS will shut off all gas sources feeding the pilot and main flame assembly and wait for a user-set delay time before attempting a re-ignition sequence.

The Brains

Manufactured under the strictest production parameters, the control panel is the brain of our BMS. Each is precision engineered and rigorously tested to withstand the harshest weather conditions while ensuring reliable uptime. We simply don’t take shortcuts in the quality we put into every controller. The system is designed to easily integrate with your other monitoring and data systems to allow complete visibility into your production site.

A simple interface with intuitive alerts, the system is designed to be very user-friendly in the field and provide the control to remotely manage your production site.


Platinum Control Technologies’ Burner Management Systems support any natural draft burner up to 10MMBtu/Hr on oil & gas production equipment. Whether you need one unit or want to integrate all of your burner systems, Platinum can give you the insight and control you need to manage your:

  • Production units

  • Treaters

  • Heated separators

  • Line heaters

  • Dehydrators

  • VOC combustors

  • Oil Stabilizers

  • Amine Plant

  • Flares


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